SPAplus® Automated Analyzer for Specialist Protein Analysis

The SPAPLUS is a fully automated, high throughput, easy-to-use, bench top, turbidimetric protein analyzer for serum, plasma, and urine assays including Freelite®, IgG subclasses, IgA subclasses, IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, Cystatin C, C3, C4, β2 Microglobulin, Albumin, Haptoglobin, Prealbumin, and an expanding range of new assays under development.

With its expanding menu, the SPAPLUS System enables laboratories to maintain the quality of results and high throughput of specialized protein assays while transferring the more routine high volume assays to large chemistry analyzers. 

The flexibility and versatility of the SPAPLUS System and its small footprint make it an ideal companion analyzer to your automated chemistry line as well as your special chemistry testing. 

Read what our customers have experienced:

“We have been utilizing the SPAplus® analyzer for over 4 years now. We find the system robust and have had very few problems with it. The technical staff are comfortable operating the instrument and find it efficient and easy to use. The pro-zone detection is excellent and the measuring range for serum free light chains very satisfactory. Very few off-line dilutions are necessary. Our clinicians are pleased with our ability to offer serum free light chains to help them manage their patients and we have seen a decrease in the volume of urine protein electrophoresis requests.

We would recommend the 
SPAplus® analyzer to any laboratory interested in offering serum free light chains in the diagnosis and monitoring of plasma cell dyscrasias.”


“We have been using the SPAplus® for two years. Since using the SPAPLUS it has saved us time and energy running free light chains (kappa and lambda), and we have added another assay, Beta-2 Microglobulin. Daily maintenance is minimal, and the auto antigen excess check is wonderful, saving us time by performing most of the necessary dilution for us. The results are rapid, only 10-15 minutes, and the monitor screen on the CPU gives real-time analysis data. More tests are in the pipeline for FDA approval on the SPAplus, such as CH50 and Hevylite®, which we may add in the near future and thus continue to save us tech time. Overall, the SPAplus® is a very robust instrument, and hopefully its software can soon catch up with it in the next version update.”


“I’ve been very happy with this analyzer with its ease of operation, user-friendly software, minimal maintenance, accuracy, reliability, dependability, and I could go on and on. Overall, Dr. Glenn Tisman and I are very satisfied customers.

I am looking forward to getting the prealbumin, haptoglobin, and immunoglobulins validated as soon as possible. There is no doubt in my mind that your Technical Support crew’s expertise will get the validation done in no time. They have been very helpful and reliable all these years.

Again, your professionalism and exceptional services are very much appreciated.”

* * *

“The SPAplus® was the perfect size to place next to our electrophoresis bench. Now we have a specific technologist performing ELP & FLC side-by-side. It has helped us create a workflow with the convenience of these related tests being performed next to each other.”

* * *

“The SPAplus® has provided reliable, accurate results for serum free light chains in our laboratory. The positive impact of its reliability on patient care has been important to our clinicians and their practice, while Binding Site has provided excellent service and support for this product. We look forward to implementing additional testing on the SPAPLUS in the near future.”

* * *

“We installed and validated the SPAPLUS Analyzer here at CPL--Austin main laboratory to replace the Siemens BN-II for Serum Free Light Chain assays. The system has performed beautifully with little or no down time since it went on line. The technical staff testify that it is a great improvement for our laboratory with several qualities including:

·         Improved overall efficiency
·         Ease of use
·         Faster overall through-put
·         Less sample volume required
·         No “pro-zone” issues with the system's antigen access checking

Our clients are happy, and our volume has increased since we brought this assay in-house. We would highly recommend this system to other laboratories for these assays.” M. Callaway, M.T.(ASCP)

* * *

"The SPAPLUS has been able to handle smaller pipetting volumes, and it has provided greater consistency in the reporting of the serum free light chain results than our previous platform, the IMMAGE.

The serum free light chain ratio offers the best opportunity for "real time" monitoring of many patients with serum paraproteins given the relatively short half-life of a free light chain versus a complete paraprotein.

In addition, the increased sensitivity has enhanced detection of plasma cell neoplasms such as plasma cell myeloma but also some lymphoproliferative disorders, especially those that might go undetected because of a negative serum protein electrophoresis and or serum immunofixation study.  

The serum free light chain study is a truly quantitative study, and it is generally easier to interpret than serum protein electrophoresis and serum immunofixation studies.

In most instances the serum free light chain test has obviated the need for urine protein electrophoresis and urine immunofixation studies.” L. Johnson, MD, FCAP, FASCP




Immunoassays on SPAPLUS